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Crowns and Bridges in Lansing, MI

If you suffer from damaged or missing teeth, custom dental crowns and bridges placed by Dr. Scott Stone at our Lansing practice can restore function, comfort, and beauty to your smile. Crowns and bridges are tooth-shaped dental prosthetics: crowns are designed to fit over a tooth that has been treated for an infected root canal, or had portions removed following an injury or treatment for decay; bridges replace one or more missing teeth, and can be supported by crowns placed on two adjacent teeth. Both crowns and bridges can also be used to restore dental implants. Our crowns and bridges not only look great as part of your smile – they are built to last and will not wear away opposing tooth structure. To learn more about how you can benefit from dental crowns and bridges, contact our Lansing office serving Okemos, Haslett, Holt and East Lansing today.

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Durable, Beautiful Restorations

Ideally, crowns and bridges should look amazing, have the strength to stand up to chewing and other functions, and have no negative effects on your other teeth. Fortunately, the restorations that Dr. Stone place can provide all of these advantages. We offer both Emax and zirconium restorations. Emax crowns and bridges are made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic. Emax restorations are exceptionally strong, with a natural, slightly translucent appearance, giving you all the qualities you could want in a crown or bridge. Additionally, Emax restorations do not wear away the teeth they meet on the opposite jaw.

Zirconium restorations are an affordable alternative to Emax prosthetics that provide exceptional strength and a beautiful, natural-looking appearance. The only disadvantage of zirconium restorations is that they can cause slight friction against opposing tooth structures. To determine which material is the best match for your dental crown or bridge, contact our Lansing office today.

Placing Crowns and Bridges

The process of placing a crown or bridge requires two visits to our office. First, Dr. Stone will treat your teeth to prepare them to receive a crown or bridge. This involves removing decayed tooth material and modifying the tooth so that the prosthetic can fit over it. Next, he will take an impression of the teeth. This impression will then be sent to a phenomenal dental laboratory, which will use the impression to create your custom restoration. In the meantime, he will provide you with a temporary crown or bridge, so you can be sure you will be happy with the results. In about two weeks, you will return to our office, where Dr. Stone will place your permanent restoration, and you can leave our office with a beautiful, complete smile.

The Advantages of Crowns and Bridges

The primary benefit of dental crowns is their ability to strengthen a weakened tooth after treatment for damage or decay and to restore function and appearance to an individual’s smile. The advantage of dental bridges is that they preserve the health of the rest of your mouth. They prevent teeth from shifting out of place after a tooth has been lost, and prevent the loss of other teeth.

Learn More about Crowns and Bridges

If you have large, broken-down fillings, weakened teeth, or a tooth that has been treated for a root canal infection, or you are missing teeth, you may be an excellent candidate for dental crowns or bridges.  Contact us at our Lansing practice today to learn more.

dental crowns before and after in lansing, mi smiles by stone


Mariel’s case was also a very fun and interesting case to work with. Mariel had peg (pointed) laterals and missing canine teeth. Implants were placed in the canine position with zirconium abutments and all porcelain crown. We placed laminates on her peg laterals. The ceramist did a phenomenal job matching the shade and characteristics to match her two front teeth.

dental crowns before and after lansing, mi dentist


Jorge sang in his church choir and felt his smile was distracting. Jorge’s case was quite fun. We had to slightly modified some of his teeth to make room. So that his teeth in his new bridge are properly sized. We used a very esthetic all-ceramic zirconia bridge. Jorge is very pleased with his new smile.

dental crowns before and after lansing, mi dentist


Patty had a very dark and misshapen anterior bridge that we replaced. Now she gets complements all the time on her beautiful bright smile. We deep bleached her teeth then did a six unit bridge.

dental crowns before and after lansing, mi dentist


Emily had braces but unfortunately, not enough room was available for implants. We placed an all ceramic four unit bridge to replace the missing lateral teeth.

dental crowns before and after lansing, mi dentist


Jessie is a very pretty woman who unfortunately had a very ugly and poorly done anterior bridge. We did a simple four unit anterior bridge. Jessie’s self-confidence soared with her new smile!

dental crowns before and after lansing, mi dentist


Renee unfortunately, had to have three of her anterior Teeth extracted due to trauma from a car accident. We Deep Bleached and completed a 6 unit bridge.

Give your smile a cosmetic makeover with crowns and bridgework from Smile by Stone in Lansing, MI. Call our office at (517) 482-5546 today to schedule your appointment!

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